This wiki is designed to be the central place in which all notes, presentations, video clips, essays, and any other material that is relevant to the course. This is a student collaborative site in which all students will contribute and edit to the shared knowledge base. The wiki will evolve and develop your understanding, knowlwedge, application, analysis, evaluation, and creative skills over the course of the year. The student contribution will be expected to be at the highest levels for all assignments. In addition students will develop and answer Bloom questions using the command terms as a guide. Each student(s) will be assigned a wiki page to design that must include multimedia (more than text) to represent the material. Students not developing a wiki page are expected to post relevant and thoughtful comments and questions.

Course Outline:

Unit One- Origins-Practices-Results of World War One.

Unit Two- The Rise of Communism

Unit Three-Origins- Practices- Results of World War Two.

Unit Four-Cold War-Origins-Practices-Results.

Wiki page rubrics-content and comments

Command Terms