Stalin Success or Failure?
Glossary of Key Terminology or Key Terms
A Russian leader that lived from 1878-1953 and was the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union from 1941-1953.
The Great Purge
A series of campaigns designed by Joseph Stalin which was operated by the NKVD and was used to kill Stalin's opposers.
The secret police that did the dirty work for Stalin's operation: The Great Purge.
A group of people or vehicles that are armed with weapons.
To make goods and export them for profit, and to buy goods and sell them for profit.
Poor people who are treated like slaves that worked on farms for their landlords.
A period of conflict between two countries where shooting and bombing is involved.
Five Year Plans
The plans developed to improve the country's military and economy. The first three Five Year plans were in 1928-1941.



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Stalin's army was very big. It was approximately bigger than Hitler's army. Stalin's army was a threat to Hitler because his army was so vast and he didn't only have infantry, he had tanks and vehicles! These pictures are just one tiny part of his army! If you see the video, you will know how big his army is. When he had to fight Hitler, Stalin's advisors all told him to back down, but Stalin was a confident man, he lead his army to victory, and destroyed Hitler's army. This acheivement is still remembered by Russian people until today.
The USSR Red Army under Stalin's Ruleexternal image Hitler+vs+Stalin+-+The+Second+World+War+On+The+Eastern+Front+In+Photographs+free+eBook+download.jpg
After you have watched the video you will see how huge is army is. Stalin was a war-man for sure!


Stalin was successfull in industrializing Russia during his reign. He ordered that coal and steel was manufactured, because the demand was high at that time. Russia gained a lot of income from this, and Stalin used the income to develop Russia's military. That is why his army is so huge. In a few years, Russia's economy went up 200%! It went up because of his "Five Year Plans"The five year plans were created to rapidly industrialize Russia using peasants for labor. There were about 20 5 year plans and some failed, but Stalin used these plans to develop Russia's economy and agriculture. In the period of the two five year plans of 1928 to 1937 Russia's national income rose from 24.4 to 96.3 billion rubles, coal export increased from 35.4 to 128 million tons, steel production from 4 to 17.7 million tons, electricity output rose 700%, machine-tool production 20,000% and tractor production rose 40,000%.Overall, he was better than Lenin and the Tsar in helping the country survive, and grow. He had much skill when it came to industrialization.


Militaryexternal image stalin-mao-and-hitler.jpg?w=500&h=323

Stalin developed a huge army, but the money he used was from poor farmers. He used the money that was gained from exporting coal and steel, and the workers were mostly peasants that came from farms but thought that by working in factories, their living conditions would improve. They were definitely wrong. Stalin should have used some of that money to help the peasants become literate and improve their living conditions, but he chose to throw it away in militarizing the country. Living conditions went worse when peasants worked in the factories. They had to stay in poor beds, and the food they ate was disgusting! When he fought Hitler, he had lost much of his army, involving around 10-40 Million people. So basically Stalin threw all the money gained from exports into the military.

The Great Purge
The Great Purge was a series of campaigns designed by Joseph Stalin in 1936-1938. This campaign was designed to rid Russia of priests, opposers to Stalin, and uprising powerful military leaders. Many people died in the Great Purge, and Stalin was the one who ordered all of the people to be killed. He was responsible, and he even used propaganda to say that he wasn't involved in the Great Purge. Stalin was clever, but by doing this, he didn't realize that his army couldn't be trained by good officers, because they were all dead. He was the new god, since he killed all the priests, and closed all the churches. The Great Purge was a disaster and a failure. Stalin had done a big mistake to his people, and he wasn't even accused of it. Stalin used the NKVD which was the secret police to help capture the victims. in the summer of 1938, the leader of the NKVD himself got purged! His name was Nikolai Yezhov, and a picture of him had been changed since he was purged.
external image 220px-Voroshilov%2C_Molotov%2C_Stalin%2C_with_Nikolai_Yezhov.jpg external image 220px-The_Commissar_Vanishes_2.jpg
Nikolai Yezhov on the right was removed after he was purged. A program was used,
and the canal was strectched, it looks real, but in some points you can tell that the picture
has been changed.


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Stalin failed to keep the peasants happy when it came to industrialization. He used the peasants for labor, and they had worse living conditions than when they worked in the farms. The peasants had to work hard, and they had hard beds, and the food was disgusting. Stalin gained much profit from the factories but all the money went into military. All he did was spend it on tanks, training soldiers, and weapons. The peasants could have gotten better education, and living conditions in the farms. Stalin should have appreciated the peasants for their hard work and he could have returned the favor by setting up campaigns to educate them but he didn't. He chose to ignore his people. His success in economy was also a short success and soon enough, the country's economy went down down down. The reason why i think he failed is because Stalin made the peasants unhappy, he only had a short success, and

Blooms Questions
•What is the main idea of Stalin’s Economy Policy?
•Who was Stalin?
•How is Stalin’s rule related to Hitler’s rule?
•What evidence can you present for Stalin’s failure?
•What is the most important failure or success and why?
•What if Stalin cared about the peasants?

  • The main idea of Stalin's economy Policy was to produce needed good and export them, and use the money on military.
  • Stalin was the leader of Russia, a communist, and he was the supreme commander. He was responsible for many deaths and was responsible for peasant's "tragedies"
  • Stalin's rule is related to Hitler's rule because both of them had a huge military. They were responsible for many deaths and killings, and they both spent huge amonunts of money trying to make their military "invincible".
  • The evidence that i can present is what you have just read. He killed many people in the purges, he destroyed his own and Hitler's army while fighting, and he made the citizens (peasants) unhappy.
  • The most important failure Stalin did was send his army to die while fighting Hitler, and killing the powerful advisors and powerful military people. The most important success were his 2 Five Year Plans. They increased Russia's economy by 200 in just a few years!
  • If Stalin cared about his peasants, Russia wouldn't be a "world power" it would be a stable country with money flowing and a military with more technology than infantry. Stalin could have set up campaigns helping the peasants become more educated and use the money from the exporting to improve living conditions for peasants and using half for military

Challenge QuestionTo what extent was Stalin responsible for the death of "his men"? Stalin was to a large extent responsible for the soldiers that died in WWII. He was the one that ordered them to go out and fight Hitler's army. All his advisors had told him that Hitler's army was very scary, nd they should back down to avoid many deaths. Stalin didn't listen and went on with his plan, since he was very confident of himself. More than 10 million people died while fighting Hitler's army! Stalin was responsible for the men that died because his choice lead them to die. He decided to fight, and in my opinion it was the wrong descision, no leader would want millions of people to die in a war, especially if it is their own men, but Stalin didn't seem to care. Stalin also killed priests, powerful military leaders, and many other people who were his "enemies" in The Purges. The Great Purge was a campaign set up by Stalin in the years1936-1938. It was set up to kill Stalin's enemies, which were the people who opposed him, priests, and powerful military officers. He did this because he wanted to be the new god, and the most powerful. He killed priests so that there was no more religion. He became the "new god". Stalin didn't want other officers to become powerful because he was afraid of them, he thought they would overthrow him. Opposers or demonstrators were not allowed either. he would let the "secret police or the NKVD deal with the leaders of the demonstrators. However, Stalin was not responsible for every man's death on the battlefield. It was part of Hitler's fault those men died. Hitler had such a big and strong army, Stalin almost lost. Many millions died because of Hitler's army, and his technology.Hitler's army was better than Stalin's army relevant to technology. Hitler had more vehicles and tanks, but Stalin had more quantity, so he won. I conclude that Stalin was the most responsible for the death of his men, but Hitler was another factor that lead to the death of Stalin's men.Unit Two-The Rise of Communism

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