Key Terms

Republican is supported by socialists, liberals, communist and anarchists. On the opposite side of the nationalist.
Axis Power
Germany and Italy was known as the Axis power because of the agreement they made with each other in 1936. The Axis Power support the Nationalist and the axis made the nationalist gained victory.
The Fascism is the belief of the Nationalist.
Non-Intervention Committee
The committee formed in 1936 by tthe British and French governments. They feared that the Spanish Civil War would spread and become world conflict. The purpose of this agreement is not to supply arms to both Republican and Nationalist.
Nationalist is supported by royalists, the Catholic Churc, landowners and a small fascist party. On the opposite side of the Republican.

The cause of the Spanish Civil War The Civil War occurred after the failure of the military rebellion against the Spanish Government. It lasted for three years, from 1936-1939. It caused from the disagreement between the Republican and the Nationalist. The Republican demanded that they were protecting democracy and fighting against the Fascism. The Nationalist supported the Spanish Government, they demanded that they were defending Christianity against the communists and atheists.
The Support of the Axis Power and the Foreign Countries The Germany and Italy were known as the Axis Power. Hitler of Germany was the first country to send aircrafts to help the Nationalist, and Mussolini of Italy send aircrafts to help afterwards. Germany and Italy helped the nationalists because the nationalists are against the communists. The most effective weapon to the Nationalist was Germany's air force called Condor Legion. It destroyed the whole town of Guernica in the northern Spain and 1000 people were killed. Of corse, the USSR and also for others foreign communists countries supported the Republicans. This action was called the International Brigades, 40,000 foreign soldiers were sent to fight in the Spanish Civil war. The USSR provided a large quantities of ammunition for the republicans.

Condor Legion
Condor Legion

The Town of Guernica during 1937
The Town of Guernica during 1937

The Non-intervention of Britain and France
The British and French government did not get themselves involve in the Spanish Civil war like the Axis Power and the USSR did. They feared that the Spanish Civil war would become Europe's major conflict. Therefore, They established a Non-intervention Committee in 1936, the committee that agreed not to supply any ammunitions to both Republicans and Nationalists. Most European countries joined this committee.However, the terms of this committee had been criticized by many historians because Germany, Italy, and USSR belonged to Non-Intervention Committee, but they were supplying arm force to Spain. The British and French knew, but they ignored it.

The End and Effect of the Civil War The Nationalist won the war at the end, and about 500,000 people died as a result of the war. Germany and Italy's relationship grow stronger, they helped each other fought against the communists. Mussolini joined the Anti-Commintern Pact, an agreement made by Germany and Japan to fight against the communists. Some historians pointed out that Hitler and Mussolini used Spanish Civil War as an experiment ground for their arm force and ammunitions. 
Francisco Franco


Benito Mussolini

Analysis Question: How much different would it make if Spain join the Axis Power?
It would not make a lot of different, because Spain just went through their Civil War and Spain doesn't have a strong arm forces. The army was weak at that time and their ports were not well defend.The Republicans only won the Civil War because of German and Italian help. The different that Spain would make is provide more soldiers, and the strategic location of the country, but it would need a serious military aid.One of the reason Germany helped the republicans in the Civil War was that German wanted to avoid asking Spain to join the Axis Power.

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