Develop a wiki page in groups of two covering the material below. Follow the wiki rubric creation to develop exemplary wiki pages. Also individually develop and answer a compare and contrast question with Russia at the bottom of the wiki page.

Pre-Communist China
  1. China 1900-Alex and Gob
  2. The Revolution of 1911-Elisa and First
  3. Warlord China, 1912-27-P.T. and Smile
  4. The New Revolutionaries-Man and Tito
  5. Conquest and Extermination, 1928-34-Jean and Nicha
  6. The Long March-Viking and Bambam

China Under Communist Rule
  1. The Communist state-Tito
  2. Years of great change, 1950-53-Jean
  3. A Five-year Plan and a Hundred Flowers, 1953-57-Nicha and P.T.
  4. The Great Leap Forward, 1958-Elisa
  5. Three bitter years- the crisis of 1959-61-Gob
  6. The Cultural Revoultion, 1966-69-Viking
  7. Power struggles, 1969-76-Smile and Bambam
  8. The new historical period-1976-to the 1980's-First
  9. China and the world, 1949 to the 1980's-Man and Alex

Russia and the USSR