Toward the Global War 1941

Prime minister Tojo
Japanese priminister who took place in 1941. His nickname was 'The Razor'. He was the one the send the order for Japanese to attack Perl Habor.
Lend-Lease Act
An Act which USA would lend or lease supply of arms, warships, food, tanks, planes and gun to Britain, andlater to China and USSA.
Operation Barbarossa
Operation Barbarossa was a code-name for a plan. Which Geraman planded use a massive attack on wstern frontier.
Attack of Perl Habor
On Decamber 7, 1941 The Japanese use a surprise attack on the US pacific Fleet in Perl Habot. The result of the attack made America lost five battle ships and sixteen other mahot ships and 300 aircraft. This event made4 USA declare war with Japan

War in Africa

At the beginning if 1941 British use it's forces in Egypt to attack Italian army in Libya. It was a success for British. They drive Italian force back into Libya. To prevent British take over Libya from Italy Hitler sent German troops to Africa to help Italian. It turn out that the war is between German and Italian troops between British, Australians, Indians and New Zealander. The war lasted 18 months until the defeat of the Axis armies. Father south British force invade Italian-controlled Ethoipia in March and driving thim out in April an dlater drove Italians out of Ken ya and Sudan.

German movement 1941
During the early 1941 Geraman and USSR were still Allies form the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939. HItler didn't forget his hatred of communism so he plan Operation Barbarossa. In Operation Barbarossa Geraman planded a massive attack on the western border of USSR. By the end of 1941 huge army occupied in the western USSR border which the army were ready to strike southwards into the oil-fields fo the Cancasus region

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USA and Japan 1941
In March 1914 the US congress passed a 'Lend-Lease' Act which allowing the American government to lease of lend war materials to nations which has ties with USA. During August that year Japanese forces in French Indo-China, Philippnies and Singapore. In reply of this USA ordered a 'freeze' on all Jaoanese property and Money in the USA. This event made Japanese no longer have enough US dollars to by oil and other vital materials form the USA. Also to stop Japan form conquest South-East Asia American president has send American Pacific fleet to naval base at Pearl Habor.

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One of the Aricraft carier from US Pacific Fleet

Attack at Pearl Habor
On 7,Decamber 1941 Prime Minister Tojo runch a surprise attack on US Pacific Fleet in Perl Harbor. The stratigy of Tojo is to drive aircrafts into US major ships by sacrifing japanese mens. This kind of attack is call Kamikaze. America lost 16 major ships along with 300 air craft. After that USA declared war on Japan and on Decamber 11 Germany and Italy also declared war with America.

external image g19930.jpg
Decamber 7, 1941 at Pearl Habor

Analysis Questions

What are the Main factors of America to declare war with Japan?

There are about 2 main factors that America declare war with Japan. The factors are they are on the opposite side and the event at Pearl Habor. The first factor that say they are on the oppsite side is a main factor because America kind of force Japan to stop invade South-East Asia. This made Japan wanted to get revenge. By sending the US Pacific fleet to Pearl Habor for Japan it means that America want war with them. They think like that because if they continue invade other country this fleets would stop them for sure so they think that it dosen't make any change if they attack the fleet at Pearl Habor. The second main factor that the US declare war with Japan is the event in Pearl Habor. In this event USA has lost many soldiers and aircraft carier. If the president didn't do any thing with this his people would sure make a revolution on him. Also it is resonable for USA to declare war becasue Japan attack them first and later on still invade other country in South-East Asia.


Unit Three-Origins-Practices-Results of World War Two